Sunday, April 11, 2010

Please, Eat Wholesome Foods

"Diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure."
-American Diabetes Association

*Warning, the above statement suffers from the following ailments:
Lack of acknowledgment of why so many people have Diabetes.

Eat whole foods. The proof you want is not in the pudding... it's in a plant-centric, unprocessed diet.

Here are some resources:

Please, explore the websites, ask questions, and improve your vitality :-)
Remember to talk with your doctor about monitoring your prescriptions, because making a huge change in your diet will change the way your body interacts with them - especially insulin.
If your doctor is not supportive of you changing your lifestyle, I recommend you find a new doctor to support you in the transition.

Make the change, or expect none.
This is written for every single person I know.
You know who to call if you need help.



To the ADA, FDA, and USDA:
Stop telling people what they are comfortable hearing, just because processed-food corporations lobby you to. Stop listening to the threats of the food industry.
Tell the people what they need to hear. Tell the people what heals them and keeps them healthy for their entire lives.
Re-create the Food Pyramid in terms of actuality, not corporate convenience.