Friday, October 31, 2008


First line of business: "Why be an Herbivore?" Here are some common reasons given:

Pescatarianism--> Anything with feet = equal. Fish = okay to eat

Vegetarianism--> Animal rights, suffrage, equality deserved. ALL animals = earthlings

Veganism--> Dairy production linked to veal industry. Also, we are the only species that, 1) consumes breast milk from a different species, and 2) consumes breast milk after infancy

Raw Foodism--> We are the only species that consumes cooked food (ever since we discovered Fire). Food grows to be consumed raw, and is most natural way to "eat to live."

Reasons to cut down on animal and animal by-products consumption:

1) ENVIRONMENT--> Raising animals for slaughter emits more CO2 and methane (even worse than CO2) than all trucks, cars, buses, and trains combined. Check out Peta2's "Meat's Not Green" campaign

2) HEALTH--> When one organism eats another, the eater only receives 10% of the energy in the eaten. That process goes on cyclically; when one eats meat, one only gets 10% of the energy in the meat... but keep in mind that the animal one eats had a meal not long before that, in which the animal ate grains or plants and received only 10% of the energy from that food. Why not cut out the middle man and just eat the grains or plants oneself?! One will receive more energy from that than from eating meat.
Also, many studies have shown that consuming red meat increases your chances of cardiovascular disease (yes, heart attacks), which is the number one killer in the U.S.
Rumor alert! It is NOT true that herbivores miss out on essential amino acids; eating a variety of vegetables actually covers each essential amino acid.
Most Americans eat at least double the amount of protein recommended for their bodies (and still think that they don't get enough!)... all you omnivores (meat-eaters): that excess protein is from those protein shakes and most importantly all that meat you eat! Cut down on the amount! Stop contributing to our obese society! I believe in you!

3) MORALITY/CIVIL RIGHTS--> Yes, all living creatures are equal to humans; humans are animals as well. If you believe in peace between different societies, how can you not believe in peace between different species? We all have at least one thing in common: we are alive! We all have feelings, and we're definitely ALL fearful of pain in all forms, including the dark abyss of ceasing to exist. Have you ever thought of it that way? It's okay if you haven't; that's what I'm here for :-) We are ALL here to live. What makes you think that you're so high and mighty to decide to take one's life in order for your own to prosper? Don't let greed and selfishness turn into ignorance...

Your turn:

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  1. Hi

    I wish I knew what to call my diet. Im Pescatarian but I also eat wild game. I try to eat only wild fish but this is harder than you'd thing all meat (non-fish) is provided by myself or my father who lives in MT. I'm more opposed to agribussiness and non-humane animal treatment. Keep up the good bloggin. I found this while researching my diet.

  2. I have often thought of death as a dark abyss...I just happen to think that meatballs are the opposite of that dark abyss.

    But, I certainly respect your devotion to better living through enlightened eating.

    The obesity epidemic must be fought...vive le resistance.